Credit Bucket

How Full Is Your Credit Bucket?

We are fortunate at LSS to have experienced counselors with a lot of personal finance knowledge. Luckily for me, our wonderful counselors sometimes pass on nuggets of wisdom that I then turn into blog posts. Here is a great way to think about credit from counselor, Dan Park: The Credit “Bucket” Think about the credit…
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Keep Valentine’s Day Fun, Simple, And Affordable

Since Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, we’re flashing back to Elaina’s post on keeping this Hallmark holiday affordable.  Personally, I’m not a big Valentine’s Day kind of lady. This is one of those holidays that feels like the greeting card people made it a big deal to make some money. However, I…
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It’s Almost Tax Season And It’s Time To Make A Plan

The new year brings up thoughts of resolutions like eating better, paying off debt, exercising, and more. But the new year also brings with it tax season…again. Don’t wait until April 14th to work on your taxes; be proactive this year. Get Organized Find a drawer, folder, or manila envelope to gather all of your…
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2017 Top Blog Posts On Sense And Centsibility

Well it was a crazy year, but we made it through 2017. Now it’s that time once again to see what our top blog posts were last year. Let’s see what our followers were reading: 10. 5 Ways to Avoid Your Sheriff’s Sale 9. My Sheriff’s Sale Has Happened: What Are My Options at This…
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Financial Goals

Realistic Resolutions You Can Achieve

Sticking with the financial resolution theme, we’re flashing back to Ashley’s post about creating and sticking to realistic resolutions. Right after vowing to “save more and spend less” you will see “get in shape” on many New Year’s Resolution lists. The truth is these two resolutions go hand in hand. Making some healthy changes to…
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