Can I Afford To File Bankruptcy?

Since bankruptcy has such a negative effect on credit, we encourage people to consider it as a last resort. Today, we’re flashing back to this post about determining if you should file and your options if you decide to file. As a financial counselor, I often speak with people who are knee-deep in debt, and…
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Why You Should Do An Annual Financial Check-Up

We are told to get an annual physical to make sure we’re healthy. Just like our bodies, our finances also need an annual check-up. The good news is that there is free, safe help from LSS Financial Counseling, a local nonprofit organization. If you don’t want to do this on your own, call us at…
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Credit Bucket

How Full Is Your Credit Bucket?

We are fortunate at LSS to have experienced counselors with a lot of personal finance knowledge. Luckily for me, our wonderful counselors sometimes pass on nuggets of wisdom that I then turn into blog posts. Here is a great way to think about credit from counselor, Dan Park: The Credit “Bucket” Think about the credit…
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first house

Tips To Prepare For Purchasing Your First House

Purchasing your first house may seem overwhelming. It’s a major purchase and for many people, potentially the largest monthly payment they’ve ever had (or ever will have). Not to mention owning a home comes with huge responsibilities, like upkeep and maintenance. If you’re thinking about buying a house, here are steps to take before you…
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What To Do About Those Black Friday Charges

This Friday we’re flashing back to a post from last year talking about how to deal with credit card charges from Black Friday (or any other day really).  So what next? If you got some amazing Black Friday deals and put those items on a credit card, you need to figure out the best repayment…
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