Twofer Vegetables – Great Food Bargain

I had a busy weekend. It was time to pick some vegetables –  the beets – in my garden to pickle and can before beet thieves got them. The small slimy ones (thanks to our abundance of rain this fall), the tree-dwelling ones with bushy tails, and the tall ones with opposable thumbs. “What?!” some…
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How You Spend = Your Priorities

I’ve been posting some not-so-sexy personal finance blog topics recently – what to do if you if you have a temporary financial struggle and when to cut up credit cards. It’s probably because I keep seeing news stories about how many people can’t afford a $400 or $1000 emergency expense. So I want to encourage people to stabilize…
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5 Ways To Make College More Affordable

It’s scary that a new school year is already approaching. We recently published a post about saving money on school shopping which was geared toward parents. Here’s a guest post from America Saves regarding college and how to make it more affordable for students and their families. The value of a college degree isn’t what it…
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back to school shopping

It’s Back To School Time…Again

When I first wrote this blog, I had a first grader and a preschooler.  and now I have 2nd and 4th grader, where does the time go? When I young a school year seemed like an eternity and now a school year goes by in the blink of an eye! Well 3 years later these…
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adopting a pet

Are You Financially Prepared To Adopt A Pet?

If you’re thinking about adopting a pet, check out Ashley’s flashback Friday post. So many times we get caught up in the emotions and excitement and don’t think about the costs involved. Read on for tips to be financially prepared to adopt Fluffy or Fido. I’m a dog person and I treat my pets like…
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