Ask A Counselor Vlog: Reverse Mortgages

Welcome to the “Ask a Counselor” vlog series! If you or someone you know might benefit from FREE reverse mortgage counseling with a certified houseing counselor, visit or call 1-888-577-2227 to schedule an appointment.

Guest Blog: 3 Tips For Graduates Battling Student Loan Debt At Graduation

  If you’re like many recent grads, you may be struggling with your student loans.  Taking on large student loans may be the only way that many students can afford to pay for their undergraduate and graduate educations — but it can be quite a shock when the bills start to arrive, and borrowers are…
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How Tiffany Paid Off Her Credit Cards As A Single Mom

We’re flashing back today to a testimonial of how a young single mother paid off her credit cards through a Debt Management Plan with LSS. Debt can happen to anyone at any stage in life. Debt doesn’t care about your age, marital status, income bracket, etc. And similarly, being debt free can happen to anyone…
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What’s Preventing You From Achieving Your Goals?

Do you want to retire at a certain age or take a trip to Australia or stay home with the kids? Most people have some type of goal in mind for the future. It can be difficult to achieve any type of goal without a plan and when there is something in the way. Often that…
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Don’t Be Haunted By Financial Ghosts Of The Past

Just because you made a financial mistake in the past doesn’t mean you have to pay for it forever. That is of course as long as you’ve taken care of the issue and made sure that it’s showing up in your credit history correctly. By being proactive, you can ensure that those financial ghosts of…
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