Creditors Won’t Stop Calling Me! What Can I Do?

If your debts have been transferred to a 3rd party collector, you can stop the calls.

What is a third party collector? A third party collection is a form of debt collection which is performed by a third party, a person or entity who was not part of the initial transaction or contract. Creditors may turn to third parties when their own collection efforts are not effective.

Per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, all you need to do is send the collection company a letter requesting that they stop all calls and only contact you by mail. See the example below:

Creditor/Collection Agent Name
Creditor/Collection Agent Address
Account #:

Dear Creditor/Collection Manager:

Upon receipt of this notice, please update your records to reflect that you are no longer authorized to contact me by telephone, as the collection calls are negatively affecting my ___________ (choose any that apply: employment, living situation, health,).

I understand that you must continue your collection practices and processes; however, I will only accept collection activity in written form, via mail, to the address below.

Please update your records regarding no telephone collection calls on my account. Thank you for your cooperation.


Your name typed or neatly printed
Your address

While this may seem like the perfect answer to ending your annoying collection calls, sending ‘No Contact’ letters is not always the best move. If your financial distress is only temporary and you plan to resume payments in the future, you may want to refrain from sending these letters. It can be pretty hard to work out a future repayment plan if you have to do everything by mail since the company is no longer authorized to speak with you by phone.

If your income will not change enough in the future to afford repayment, these letters can give you some much needed peace and quiet from the constant phone calls. Please feel free to contact a financial counselor for more information (888)577-2227 or visit our website at