Can You Afford To Be A Stay At Home Parent?—3 Simple Questions

Bottom line: I love working. I love the social aspect of work, climbing the professional ladder, and of course making money. Being a stay at home parent never once crossed my mine. Never. Ever. When I got pregnant with my first son, I had every intention of coming back to work full-time. That was until…
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Should I Pay Off Debt Or Save For Retirement?

Wow … what a loaded question! We always hear how crucial it is to get rid of toxic debt, especially credit cards with double digit interest rates. Therefore, people generally assume that paying off debt rather than investing for retirement is the correct answer. In my opinion, this is not really an either/or proposition. The…
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Build Financial Success

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How To Use An Envelope Budget System To Pay Off Debt

Anyone that reads our blog knows that I am a very honest writer. I always say pros and cons and of course if something worked for me and my family. I was chatting with a friend recently and she told me that she paid of all of her debt (besides her mortgage) by using an…
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Don’t Let Accumulation Steal Your Success

You have been working hard to complete your education and training and now you have reached your goal…and your career has begun. Finally…success! For some of us, this means that now it’s time for all of those things you have been holding off on: the house, the car, the family, etc. Taking on too much…
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