Piggybank and calculator

The Secret To Starting A Budget

“Do you think we need a budget?” It was like in a movie where stuff happens in slow motion.  I’m sure the look on my face was one of pure terror.  I replied, “Uh…I guess?” This brief conversation is how my wife and I started our lives as budgeters.  We’ve talked about budgeting in the…
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smiling woman doing push-ups on bench outdoors

Save Your Money And Get In Shape

If you’re on social media chances are you’re seeing a plethora of ‘get in shape by summer memes’ like I am. They’re kind of annoying, but that’s only because I know I need to get more consistent with my workout routine again. I did Crossfit last year, which I actually really enjoyed, but when I realized…
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Determine the monthly budget for our home

How To Thrive On Fluctuating Income

It’s time to flashback to this post from 2013 about how to plan for income that varies or is seasonal. Read on for 4 tips to thrive. One of the most difficult challenges for families with fluctuating income is how to pay all their bills during the lean months. Income may vary due to self-employment, earning commissions…
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The love of money

How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Money

Money. Is it the root of all evil? Maybe. Probably. Either way, unless you’re completely off the grid (which is pretty unlikely), everyone is dependent on money to live. So how do you have a healthy relationship with money when it touches so many aspects of our lives and can cause a lot of stress? Well…
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Office Business people working overtime

No Time To Deal With Finances? We Can Help

Are you putting off dealing with your finances because it feels like you don’t have time? If so, our online counseling is the solution. LSS Financial Counseling, a nonprofit organization, offers free budget, debt, and credit counseling. We do offer phone, Skype, or in-person sessions at several locations, but here’s why online counseling is perfect for people…
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