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I’ve had several identity theft victims in my office in recently. They all said they didn’t know where to start to deal with it. So, here it is: Where to Start Identity theft is the most frequent complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission (the agency created in 1914 to protect the public against unfair [...]

Is your debt stressing you out? Do any of these sound like you? Charging more each month that you make in payments. Paying only the minimum amount due on your credit cards. Using credit and cash advances for items that used to be purchased with cash, like gas and groceries. Having a total credit balance [...]

It’s been a good garden year for me. I’ve supplied my household, friends, family, passersby, and the local food shelf with a variety of beautiful, fresh, organic produce. I couldn’t even begin to calculate the dollars saved. (Add in the physical and environmental benefits of gardening and the economic payback rises significantly.) It is early [...]

A while back, I wrote a blog called “Avoiding Beneficiary Horror Stories.” At that time I discussed many potential problems that may arise when you don’t review your forms periodically to ensure they’re accurate. Since then, I have come across a few other scenarios I wanted to share so you can avoid these unfortunate blunders. [...]

August is here and school is right around the corner. As a new college student, you may be filled with a mix of emotions about the adventure you will soon begin. Meeting new friends, maybe moving someplace far from home, and starting your adult life can be exciting and even a little scary at times. [...]

Moving can be an exciting adventure, especially if you’re heading to your dream home! But it can also be unduly stressful with so many details screaming for attention, not to mention packing up everything you own only to unpack at your final destination. My best advice is to think ahead, pay attention to the small [...]

A growing number of adult children are turning to the Bank of Mom and Dad and Grandparents. Many families have the impulse to be generous as they watch their young-adult children struggle with a tough job market and challenging economy, so they lend their children money to help pay for basics like rent, debts owed, [...]

Portrait of a student girl studying at libraryOne of my blog teammates recently wrote a post called “Should I Co-Sign For a Loan?” I was very impressed and wanted to piggyback on his insights by further discussing the very real and sometimes bizarre dangers of co-signing private student loans. Borrower Beware Private student loans are [...]

Theses days, 401K retirement plans are typically the cornerstone of every investor’s retirement plan. Gone are the days of big company pension plans, and for many of us, big company matches to an employee’s retirement funds. And relying on Social Security benefits alone will surely be a problem since those benefits are meant to supplement [...]

A lot of people want to help out someone in their lives. They see someone they care about struggling financially and want to lend a helping hand. Compassion is an admirable quality, but when you co-sign for a loan, you’re putting your financial well being at risk. Even if it’s your son, daughter, girlfriend, boyfriend, [...]