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TBT: Black Friday + Small Business Saturday + Cyber Monday= Totally Broke Tuesday

Four Steps to Help You Avoid the Holiday Empty Wallet Syndrome The Holidays are upon us. You know we are a materialist nation when our list of holidays includes shopping specific days. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are all catchy names to make shopping and spending seem like you just can’t afford to…
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Struggling With Student Loans?

Are you in repayment of your student loans? Are you behind or struggling to keep up? Help has arrived! You can have a free and confidential student loan repayment counseling session with one of our certified financial counselors.  This session will help you get a handle on your student loans. By meeting with LSS, you will:…
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5 Ways To Save Money This Thanksgiving

Turkey day is almost here! Time to relax with family, watch some football, and eat…and eat. I’m one of the lucky ones (in my opinion) because I don’t have to cook. But I do know that it can be expensive to host Thanksgiving, especially if you have a large circle of friends and family. So here…
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Bride and groom figurines lying at destroyed wedding cake on tiled floor

Divorce: The Good, The Bad, The Debt

The divorce – the ‘big D’ – is finally done…signed, stamped, and sealed by the judge.  The knots that once bound you together have unwoven and you are on your own, but wait….the debts. What happens with those? You are keeping this, they are paying for those.  Everyone is in agreement.  It’s written into the…
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