Duluth lift bridge (2)

5 Free Things To Do In Duluth In The Summer

I’ve lived in Duluth/the Duluth area for about 13 years now. I never thought I’d live here and when it’s freezing cold or foggy and rainy for days on end, I sometimes wonder why I still do. But then I drive down the hill and see the view of the lake and remember why. It’s…
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Broken Small Piggy Bank Surrounded by Spilled Coins

4 Big Reasons Not To Borrow From Your Retirement Fund

Many organizations allow their employees to borrow money from their retirement plans.  While this is very tempting for some people, it is not always the best option.  In fact, in most cases taking a loan against your retirement is inadvisable. You’re stealing from your future self It is never a good idea to take unsecured debt (credit…
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credit improvement

Start Improving Your Credit Today

It’s Flashback Friday! This week we’re offering tips to improve credit. The beauty is you can start right now…so read on and happy Friday! Do you have collection debt, judgments, a foreclosure, or even bankruptcy on your record? If so, rebuilding your credit might seem like an impossible task. Many people assume they will suffer the…
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man in stress with piggy bank in bad financial situation

Help! I Spend More Than I Make

No one ever intends to spend too much and there are a variety of reasons that it may happen to you. It could be that your income was reduced or one month that just plain spent too much. Maybe you had a car repair or medical bill and those monthly payments put you over the top.…
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Where Does All the Money Go?

Where Does Your Money Go?

Have you ever been broke at the end of the week and asked yourself “where did my money go?” If so, it’s likely because you don’t have a budget. Or if you do, it’s because you’re not sticking to that budget. Track expenses If you haven’t yet set up a budget, the best place to…
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