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Moving can be an exciting adventure, especially if you’re heading to your dream home! But it can also be unduly stressful with so many details screaming for attention, not to mention packing up everything you own only to unpack at your final destination. My best advice is to think ahead, pay attention to the small [...]

A growing number of adult children are turning to the Bank of Mom and Dad and Grandparents. Many families have the impulse to be generous as they watch their young-adult children struggle with a tough job market and challenging economy, so they lend their children money to help pay for basics like rent, debts owed, [...]

Portrait of a student girl studying at libraryOne of my blog teammates recently wrote a post called “Should I Co-Sign For a Loan?” I was very impressed and wanted to piggyback on his insights by further discussing the very real and sometimes bizarre dangers of co-signing private student loans. Borrower Beware Private student loans are [...]

Theses days, 401K retirement plans are typically the cornerstone of every investor’s retirement plan. Gone are the days of big company pension plans, and for many of us, big company matches to an employee’s retirement funds. And relying on Social Security benefits alone will surely be a problem since those benefits are meant to supplement [...]

A lot of people want to help out someone in their lives. They see someone they care about struggling financially and want to lend a helping hand. Compassion is an admirable quality, but when you co-sign for a loan, you’re putting your financial well being at risk. Even if it’s your son, daughter, girlfriend, boyfriend, [...]

So you have credit card debt. Or medical debt or even student loan debt. Or a combination! It could be a lot or a little. Maybe you are successfully making payments but the balances aren’t going down. Or it’s to the point where you are afraid to answer the phone and get the mail. Wherever [...]

You’ve probably heard horror stories about folks who’ve lent money to friends or family members and got burned for their generosity. While this shouldn’t stop you from helping your loved ones, below are a few tips that may prevent anger and resentment should your arrangement fall apart. If you’re going to hand over money to [...]

Our own blogger Barb Miller was asked to contribute to an article called “6 Ways to Help an Adult Child Without Going Broke” for The NextAvenue Blog. Author Richard Eisenberg does a great job explaining that you need to have a candid talk about what you can and can’t do.   Click to read “6 [...]

Many people (previously myself included) think that products are safe just because they’re sold at Target or Wal-Mart. The problem with that logic, according to the Environmental Working Group, is that in the U.S. no health studies or tests have to be done on cosmetics before they’re put on the shelves. Also, according to the [...]

Credit monitoring services sure have gotten popular over the last few years. While I can safely refrain from saying it’s a waste of money for everyone, I will outline a few of the reasons why I believe they are incorrectly marketed and may not contain as much value as they are stated to hold. 1. [...]