couple doing their accounts

3 Tips To Help Avoid Fighting About Money

Money. Bills. Budgets. Credit cards. Personal finance isn’t the most exciting topic in the whole world, but it affects everyone…granted, some more than others. I would guess that Brad and Angelina don’t fight about money, but the average couple at some point probably does. It’s probably not possible to avoid every heated discussion about money,…
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mixed pulses

2016 Is The International Year Of Pulses!

What?? Are we celebrating having a pulse? That would be good, too, but no. Pulses are the edible seed of legume plants—dried beans, peas, lentils, etc. In 2013 the United Nations declared 2016 to be the International Year of Pulses, and I couldn’t be more excited the year has finally arrived! So, why are pulses…
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How Financial Counseling Can Help

The average financial counselor with LSS meets with about 4 people per day regarding budget, credit, debt, foreclosure, or student loan issues. We survey the people we serve to see if there is anything else we could do to improve our financial counseling. Here are some comments from people that have met with us recently: “This…
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BDO explains the types of options to deal with debt

So What Is A DMP, Really?

One of our Financial Counselors, Colleen, explains the basics of the Debt Management Plan (DMP) in a short video. Click the link below to go view the video… WHAT IS A DMP? Click HERE for more detailed information about the Debt Management Plan. LSS Financial Counseling is a non-profit organization that empowers people to achieve…
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Save Concept Clipped Cards and Lights

The Importance Of Periodic Savings

Everyone knows the importance of having emergency savings. If something unexpected comes up, having a chunk of money in savings can be the difference between continuing life normally versus going into debt. Planning ahead for periodic expenses is just as important because it can be really difficult to come up with a couple hundred dollars…
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