children and money

How To Teach Children Good Money Habits

Many adults today weren’t taught much about personal finances when we were young. But those with children should start teaching their kids smart money habits as early as possible. Kids with a solid base of personal finance knowledge stand a better chance of being financially stable. Here are ways to get started with your children:…
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How To Financially Survive Unemployment

Unemployment happens to the best of us so it’s important to be prepared…just in case. This Flashback Friday post provides tips to financially survive unemployment. In this day and age most people have either experienced unemployment or know someone who has. This can be really scary if you’re not prepared for it and don’t know what…
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Personal Finance Tips

Our Best Personal Finance Tips: Volume 1

We have quite an experienced Financial Counseling team at LSS. So I decided to tap into their knowledge: I asked all of them to tell me their favorite and/or best personal finance tip. Here are just a few tips (to start) that cover budgeting, credit, and savings. Enjoy! Savings “Save for Periodic Expenses in a separate savings…
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Living And Saving As A Millennial Living With Your Parents

Here is a guest post from one of our partners, America Saves, about tips for Millennials living at home. The generation of the internet age is one of the largest and most diverse in the U.S. Although Millennials have been defined by a relationship to technology, the generation has been steadily redefining adulthood. Millennials have…
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How Planning Ahead Helps Save Money And Reduces Stress

Planning: it seems so simple, but when you get caught up in the whirlwind of daily life it’s easier said than done. However, it can have positive effects on your wallet and your mental health when it’s done effectively. Here are tips to help you be more successful planning, stay organized, save money, and reduce stress.…
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