Struggling With Student Loans?

Are you in repayment of your student loans? Are you behind or struggling to keep up? Help has arrived!

You can have a free and confidential student loan repayment counseling session with one of our certified financial counselors.  This session will help you get a handle on your student loans.

By meeting with LSS, you wYoung female graduate holding money at libraryill:

  1. Organize and identify your loans by type in order to strategically pay them down.
  2. Learn about your repayment plan options.
  3. Explore consolidation options.
  4. Discover if your career path could lead to loan forgiveness.
  5. Create a budget plan to strategically pay your student loans and other debts standing in your way.
  6. Identify options to stop payments if you haven’t found that dream job yet.

Don’t let your student loans stand in the way of your dreams; take control of them now. Call LSS at 1.888.577.2227. We will create a plan of action with you to pay off student loans and all your debts!

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