featured a post written by our own Shannon Doyle on their blog today about student loan debt.

How to Avoid a House-Worth of Student Loan Debt by Shannon Doyle

Several times a week I get calls from college students (and their parents), asking how they can avoid taking on too much student loan debt. They’re concerned, and no doubt they should be. With student loan debt levels surpassing credit cards for the first time in history this is a concern for anyone taking on student loans, be they young or old, student or parent. <<Read More>>

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2 Responses to “How Do I Avoid Too Much Student Loan Debt?”

  1. I have seen dozens of articles on this subject over the years, and almost none of them ever mention military service. My brother and I each went to college on the G.I. Bill more than four decades ago. Jim was in the Army; I was in the Marine Corps. My daughter took a different route, went to college on the Army ROTC Program, spent four years in the Army and reached the rank of captain.

    Of course, the military involves some risk: I was with Marine recon in Vietnam; my daughter was an operating room nurse in Afghanistan.

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