Ask A Debt Expert?

We’ve been helping people in your community conquer their debt since 1987. That means every single day we help people take control of their credit card debt, navigate the path of bankruptcy, rebuild after bankruptcy and even help them save their homes. There is no shame or judgement when you work with us. This is what we do. Our counselors will help you develop a budget and a plan of action, while considering your options. All while working with you and empowering you to take control.

But maybe you feel like your issue isn’t big enough to need an appointment with a counselor. Maybe it is just a simple question. Email me today….I will get your question to a financial counselor with no strings attached. And you can even choose how you would like the counselor to respond to you. By phone or email. And your question will remain 100% confidential.


Or maybe there is a topic you would like to see a blog post written about. Let me know!

Kate, Project Coordinator