Is Prevention The Key To Financial Health?

For many years, healthcare has been moving to a preventative model to improve our over all health. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.” This is true for personal finance as well. The sooner you are able to identify an issue the more options you have to change the outcome. Jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle whether for physical or financial health isn’t always as easy as it sounds. For some it’s hard to get started and for others it’s easy to get going but it’s staying motivated that can be tricky. Here are some tips that might help you stay on track.

Get Regular Check-ups

Getting a regular check up with your doctor may bring a health issues to light that may not have been noticed until the issue became a problem. Meeting with a Financial Counselor to take a detailed look at your budget, all of your income coming in, all of your monthly expenses, debts owed, and spending patterns can really bring items to attention. In addition, you can get expert advice on how to take control and make changes in order to avoid financial stress.  And once you have the tools you will feel confident and more successful in managing your finances.

Make Healthy Choices

Making healthy financial choices will create a healthy fiscal lifestyle. We all know that we should watch what we spend and pay off debt, but building an emergency savings is just as important. We have no way of knowing the future, and there is the unfortunate possibility that any of us could be impacted by illness or job loss. Most Americans are one paycheck away from bankruptcy so being prepared can take the financial stress off of an unexpected situation, and prevent the stress from turning into chaos. In addition, if you want to pay off debt and “keep it off,” an emergency savings will help you to prevent a dependence on credit cards for things like car repairs, replacing broken appliances, and other unexpected expenses.


On a daily basis we are exposed to over 3,000 ads telling us what we need in order to be happy. That is a lot of influence on where, when, and how much we spend and a tremendous amount of pressure. Thankfully, we build up our strength with every impulse purchase we avoid. Keeping your perspective on needs verses wants will help to combat the push to buy now and pay later. If you find yourself justifying the purchase to yourself…its probably a want. Take the time to think about why you are buying something. Buying something you want now and paying for it for the next 18 months will never feel as good as buying something outright with money you have set aside for it.

Reward Yourself

Reaching a personal goal deserves a reward, so remember to keep it fun or you will get burnt out. For example, once you have met your emergency savings goal, start a new “savings” for that “want” you can’t track. Don’t give up, tomorrow is a new day!

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Author, Ashley Hagelin is a Certified Consumer Credit Counselor and specializes in Reverse Mortgage Counseling. Check out her bio.

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