5 Healthy Habits That Help You Save Money

Bad habits can cost you money, but did you know that good habits can actually save you money? Here are 5 ways to be healthy and help your bottom line: Exercise With regular exercise, you will improve your health and may even lose weight. While you might not see immediate savings, the healthier you are,…
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Preparing For And Surviving Unemployment

We’re flashing back to Ashley’s post about how to prepare for an unexpected bout of unemployment, as well as surviving it without going into debt. We all want to feel secure should something happen such as a layoff; however, we also have other priorities for the income we are earning. The best way to prepare…
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Adult child and father

Still Helping Your Adult Children?

Our blog on parents helping grown children continues to be our number one read blog 4 years in a row! There is a reason for this: it is a pervasive and disturbing issue for families. I know I see it almost daily in my office to some degree or another. I’m a parent of an…
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Medical Bills And Your Credit Report

Good news for those with medical debt. If you haven’t heard, under the FICO Score 9 paid off medical bills no longer affect your credit score. In addition, medical bills paid by insurance won’t show up on credit reports either. The credit reporting agencies (Transunion, Experian, and Equifax) will wait 180 days before adding medical debt…
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How To Avoid Loan Modification Scams

There are many types of scams out there and unfortunately, scam artists tend to target people that are already having financial troubles. So here’s a flashback Friday post to remind you to be cautious about where you get help if you’re facing foreclosure. Many homeowners are facing a seemingly never-ending sea of document requests and…
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