hunting season

What To Think About Before Hunting Season To Save Money

Since (sadly) summer is almost over and hunting season will be here before you know it, here are things to think about now to save money this hunting season. Here is a follow-up to a previous post, Hunting on a Budget. It is a guide on some general principles to follow to reduce the expense and…
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Close up of credit card

Are Credit Cards Bad News?

In the financial counseling world we coach people on a daily basis to ditch and cut up their credit cards for good. But it’s not always realistic for some people to never need one again. Here’s a breakdown of why credit cards can be bad or good. The bad They result in debt. If may be that you want to…
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Agent, rent, concept.

Finding A Place To Rent When You Have Credit Problems

If you have credit problems, finding an affordable place to rent is becoming increasingly difficult. However, there are things you can do. Here are some tips & strategies to help find a new spot to call home. The Search Examine your cash flow. Know how much rent and utilities you can afford to pay each month before you start…
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Mother giving child money

Should I Lend Money To My Adult Child?

A growing number of adult children are turning to the ‘Bank of Mom and Dad’ or Grandparents. Your instincts may tell you to be generous because your young-adult child is struggling with a tough job market and challenging economy. So you decide to lend money to your children or grandchildren to help pay for basics like…
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Coffee, pen, money and blocknot on a desk and text Good Credit

How To Establish Credit Or Rebuild Your Credit

Why Does Having Good Credit Matter? What is listed on your credit report has a far reaching impact on one’s lifestyle in many ways. Where you live and even the car you drive often depend on your access to credit.  Applications and financing of mortgage loans, rentals, utility services, credit cards, employment, and insurance rates…
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