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Break The Financial Enabling Cycle With Your Adult Kids

If you have adult children chances are you’ve helped them out financially. That’s not always a bad thing, but it can turn into a vicious cycle of enabling them if it becomes a pattern. If you feel like helping your children is creating emotional and financial stress for you, here are tips to break the…
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How To Be Successful Buying A House

Since it’s the start of the home buying season, let’s flashback to Mary Ellen’s post about successful home ownership. Enjoy! Purchasing a home is a one of the biggest choices you will ever make. While it may be acceptable to buy a purse or a pair of shoes on an impulse, buying a home requires…
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Why Summer Is The Season For Saving

If you are a saver or want to become one, the BEST season for saving is upon us!  For those of us with school-aged kids these opportunities to save can really help to balance out the weight of summer time daycare. Or, if you make most of your money between Fall and Spring, spending less…
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3 Reasons You May Have A Low Credit Score

If you read our blogs on a regular basis you’ve probably heard several of our writers say how credit can affect our lives in many ways. A low credit score can lead to difficulty getting or keeping a job, insurance rates, and interest rates on loans. Long story short, it’s crucial to stay on top…
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A Lesson From Prince: Why Having A Will Is So Important

I was a little distraught when one of my favorite artists of all time died too young. (And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.) I was also shocked to hear that Prince didn’t have a will. Estate planning/having a will is crucial to avoid tough decision making and unnecessary tension among family during an already…
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